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Chinooks from A to Z 
Describe a Chinook Dog in Just One Word. 
Intervale puppy owners were asked to come up with one word for each letter of the alphabet that best describes their Chinook. You can expect to find many of these traits in your own Chinook pup.

 Photos are of our Chinooks over the years.  If you are interested
 in learning about the Chinook dog, read on!
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Is the Chinook the right breed for you?
Read about the Chinook and find out if a Chinook Dog is the right match for you and your family.
A - Athletic, amazing, agile.
B - Bright, beautiful, boisterous, breed ring. 
C - Companion, couch-potato, clicker-trained, carrot thiefs, cuddlers.
D - Dog-sledders, dedicated, diligent, dignified.
E - Energetic, exercise-loving, escape artists.
F - Friendly, food loving, friend, family, faithful.
G- Gentle, gregarious, grinners.
H - Helicopter Ears (sometimes), happy, hikers, humble.
 I  -  Intelligent, industrious.
J - Joyful, jumpers, jokesters. 
K - Kisses, Kisses, Kisses!  
L -  Lovers, loyal, lickers, lapdog.
M - Motivated, motherhood, mushers, mountain climbers.
N - Nappers, national treasure, nuzzlers.
O - Over-joyed, outdoorsy, orange lovers. 
P - Polite, positively trained, puppies, people pleasers, playful.
Q - Quick, quality,quirky.
R - Responsive, respectful, raw diet, retriever, really reliable recall.
S - Skijouring, sled dog, smiles, soft, swimmer.
T - Trustworthy, trainable, treat-loving, together. 
U - Unique, ultimate, us.
V - Vivacious, vigor, vocal, velcro, very silly.
W- Winter loving, wigglers, working dog, water dogs.
X - X-uberent, x-ceptional, Xi.
Y - Youthful, yammerer.
Z - Zestful, zeal, zany, and Zebulon (of course). 
E is for Exercise.
F is for Friends.
G is for goofy grin.
H is for Baby Hikers.
I is for Industrious.
J is for Joyful.
J is for Jumpers
A is for Athletic.
A is for Agile.
B is for Beauty.
B is for Breed Champion.
B is for Babysitters
C is for Company on the trail.
D is for Dog Sledders
K is for Kisses.
K is for Kody Kisses.
K is for Baby Kisses!
L is for Lovers.
M is for Motherhood.
M is for Mountain Climbing.
N is for Cat-Nappers.
O is for Outdoorsy.
P is for Playful.
Q is for Quick.
R is for Retriever.
S is for Star Swimmers!
T is for Together.
U is for Us.
V is for Very Silly.
W is for Winter-loving.
XY is for youthful exuberance!
Z is for Zebulon.
Intervale Chinooks
New England Chinook Breeder

Enjoying our 25th Year with Chinooks!

The Chinook Breed's 
1st AKC Breeder of Merit
Chinooks do it all! 
 Chinooks show their love for kids, snow, swimming, adventure (sticks) and each other!