Intervale Chinooks
          Welcome to Frisco's Thanksgiving Day Party!
  Celebrating Frisco, his family, and friends,
 in an Internet Thanksgiving Party! 
Frisco says: Wear orange!
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Fall is the start of hunting season.    Frisco says: 
  "For safety's sake:   WEAR ORANGE!"
Tawny Chinooks are the color of fall leaves, deer, and coyotes!  Frisco says: dress your Chinooks in blaze orange when headed out!
New Hampshire Hunting Lodge with
 Crystal, Honey and Kali. 
Frisco is crazy about turkey!
  Frisco's favorite turkey jokes:
Why did the turkey cross the road?
Why did they let the turkey join the band?   
Why did the police arrest the turkey?  
CVSHC Rig Race 1998
  Fall starts racing season.
Frisco and Kali's first race!
 Frisco as a young and handsome boy.
  John Alden 
  Issac Allerton 
  Mary Allerton(wife) 
  Bartholomew Allerton(son) 
  Mary Allerton(daughter) 
  Remember Allerton(daughter) 
  Don Allerton
  Don Billington 
  Eleanor Billington(wife) 
  Frances Billington (relation unkown)
  John Billington (son) 
  William Bradford 
  Dorothy May Bradford (wife) 
  William Brewster 
  Mary Brewster (wife) 
  Love Brewster(son) 
  Wrestling Brewster (son) 
  Richard Britteridge 
  Peter Brown 
  William Butten 
  Robert Cartier 
  John Carver 
  Katherine Carver(wife) 
  James Chilton 
  Susanna Chilton(wife) 
  Mary Chilton (unknown relation) 
  Richard Clarke 
  Francis Cooke 
  John Cooke (son) 
  Humility Cooper 
  John Crackston 
  John Crackston (son) 
  Edward Doty  
  Francis Eaton 
  Sarah Eaton (wife) 
  Samuel Eaton (son) 
  (first name unkown) Ely (sailor) 
  Thomas English 
  Moses Fletcher 
  Edward Fuller 
  Ann Fuller (wife) 
  Samuel Fuller(son) 
  Dr. Samuel Fuller(not related) 
  Richard Gardiner 
  John Goodman 
  William Holbeck 
  John Hooke 
  Steven Hopkins 
   Elizabeth Hopkins(wife) 
  Giles Hopkins(son) 
  Constance Hopkins(daughter) 
  Damaris Hopkins(daughter ) 
  Oceanis Hopkins(son -
  born during voyage) 
  John Howland 
  John Langmore 
  William Latham 
  Edward Leister
  Edmund Margeson 
  Christopher Martin 
  Marie Martin 
  Desire Minter 
  Elinor More 
  Jasper More 
  Richard More 
  Mary More 
  William Mullins 
  Alice Mullins(wife) 
  Joseph Mullins (son) 
  Priscilla Mullins(daughter)   
  Degory Priest  
  Solomon Prower 
  John Rigdale 
  Alice Rigdale 
  Thomas Rogers 
  Joseph Rogers(son) 
  Henry Sampson 
  George Soule 
  Miles Standish 
  Rose Standish(wife) 
  Elias Story 
  Edward Thompson 
  Edward Tilley 
  Agnes Tilley(wife) 
  John Tilley 
  Joan Tilley(John's wife) 
  Elizabeth Tilley (daughter) 
  Thomas Tinker 
  (The wife Thomas tinker, name unknown) 
  (The son Thomas tinker, name unknown) 
  William Trevore 
  John Turner 
  (two sons of john Turner, unkown) 
  Master Richard Warren 
  William White 
  Susana White (wife) 
  Peregrine White(son) 
  Resolved White(son) 
  Roger Wilder 
  Thomas Williams 
  Edward Winslow 
  Elizabeth Winslow(wife) 
  Gilbert Winslow (Brother)

 Passenger List
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To commemorate this Thanksgiving Holiday . . . .

Let sleeping dogs lie . . . .
Arlo Guthrie's 1967 epic song "Alice's Restaurant" is a Thanksgiving tradition, played on  National Public Radio  at noon each Thanksgiving holiday.  If you've ever wondered about the complete lyrics to this 18 minute song and the history behind the song, visit:

Frisco and Kali
Fall Fun in the White Mountains