Celebrating Kali
A Photographic Journal

March 11, 1996 - January 15, 2008 

Kali was extremely photogenic and she loved to be photographed!  When a camera came out, Kali was right there in front of the lens.  If she needed to, she would push her way to the front of the pack and politely sit  directly in front of the lens.  It was a hoot! 

Kali was a gorgeous Chinook girl and she knew it  too.  Here are some photos taken over Kali's lifetime: from Kali as a wee Chinook pup to a mature grandma-dog.  
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Mountain Laurel Kaltaga of Intervale was a gorgeous Chinook girl with a super friendly, outgoing
 personality, full of confidence and a strong presence.  We will always remember you Kali. 
Follow this link to learn about Kali's battle with canine cancer.