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Jazzy and Otie celebrate the whelping of their seven Chinook pups born on 7.10.2017

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Newborn Jazzy pups! (7th pup is way under the rear leg.)
Mom and Dad:

  Dam:  AKC CH Intervale Little Jazz CGC CA TKN, NO 1 AKC FAST Chinook
 2016 AKC National Specialty Best of Breed, Judge James Moses. 

Sire:  UKC CH Intervale Coyote (Otie) CGC BN RE OJP OAP RATI

Pups arrived July 10th, 2017 - ​Three boys and four girls

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 Puppy Update  - End of Week One 

Pups and mom are doing great. Jazzy has been a perfect mom.  Fleet of foot in the show ring has transferred to moving with ease and care for her pups in the whelping box. The first several days Jazz stayed in the whelping box, with much encouragement needed to get her to go outside.  More recently she has started to take naps outside of the whelping box. 

 At the end of their first week, the pups are licking and sniffing each other and us - their ways of responding to their environment and the beginning behaviors of play. Ear flaps are changing position from birth.  The pups accept us rolling them onto their backs with relaxed posture.  Moving around their whelping box, up and over mom,  starting to walk and often tumbling over with good nature, pups have gone from sleeping alone under the pigrail, to sleeping piled on top of each other-the beginnings of puppy socialization! 

More puppy news and photos coming soon.

Last updated: 7/23/2017
  Newborn Puppy Jazzy
  Puppy Otie - Second Week
Intervale Otie
Intervale Jazzy
Whelping Photos
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Jazzy goes into labor with the help of her nurse midwife Teddie Bear
.Jazz gained 10 lbs and is ready to loose some weight!
Rudyard Kipling invented the term: biting the bullet.
Thanks Nurse Teddie, I am getting tired.
Pups coming soon!
Newborn Photos
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Jazzy is a super mom!  Photos of pups at birth and day 2
Jazzy learned the ropes from her mom Belle.
Really, there are seven pups but never all in the same place at one time.  This is a busy litter!
Colors for now are:  Black, Red, Yellow boys (but Yellow keeps taking his clothes off) and Pink, Denim Blue, Mint Green and Lilac (Purps) girls. Colors come day two when the pups are "tagged".
Female pup pink snuggles with mom, with green girl waiting for her turn.
Newborn Portraits
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Photos of each pup in the litter.  Day 5: all pups are over one lb.
Mr. Black has a dilute red-tawny coat, he has some white on him and may look like great aunt and uncle Claire and Franky as an adult. Big boy, big eater and very social.
Red male is dark coated. His red collar is inside out so that the soft side is against his neck. One handsome dude!
This is Mr. Stripey - he should be wearing a yellow collar but likes to run naked. Already is quite the character.
Denim blue female also has a dark dilute coat color and she should keep some darker masking.
This is minty green and she is pretty AND feisty!
Lilac collared girl, fondly referred to as Purps (Perps).  Every litter should have one!
Pretty in Pink.  Always!
Our Chinooks are our constant companions - creative and comical, easy keepers, and easy to love.

Chinook Dogs are canine family companions who like to keep busy: 

 Chinook activities include sledding, trialing in obedience, rally, agility, herding, lure coursing, barn hunt, showing in the conformation ring, biking, swimming, and hiking out on desolate mountain trails. 

  A Chinook's favorite pastime?  Cuddling on the couch with their family!

jazzy girl pups first week photo
Jazzy male pups first week photo
  Jazzy's boys:  First week photo
Stripes (Yellow), Black and Red
  Jazzy's girls: First week photo
Denim Blue, Mint Green, Lilac and Pink
  Link to 10 day nursing video
Pups are sturdy lil' monsters, eating machines!
Mom takes care like a pro!

Pups are growing up so fast.  Day 11 and eyes are open.  A favorite activity is to go up and over mom.  The big silver male is planning his escape over the short side of the whelping box.