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Puppies!  Jazzy and Otie's Chinook pups were born on 7.10.2017  - Three boys  and four girls!  Watch Jazzy's page for photos and updates on the pups.  

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Campfire Pups

Mom and Dad:

  Dam:  AKC CH Intervale Little Jazz CGC CA TKN, NO 1 AKC FAST Chinook
 2016 AKC National Specialty Best of Breed, Judge James Moses. 

Sire:  UKC CH Intervale Coyote (Otie) CGC BN RE OJP OAP RATI

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 Photos from Beginning of Week 4 (28-30 days)
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Pups ​Practice Relaxation Techniques
Intervale Otie
Intervale Jazzy
Whelping Photos
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Jazzy goes into labor with the help of her nurse midwife Teddie Bear
.Jazz gained 10 lbs and is ready to loose some weight!
Rudyard Kipling invented the term: biting the bullet.
Thanks Nurse Teddie, I am getting tired.
Pups coming soon!
Newborn Photos
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Jazzy is a super mom!  Photos of pups at birth and day 2
Jazzy learned the ropes from her mom Belle.
Really, there are seven pups but never all in the same place at one time.  This is a busy litter!
Colors for now are:  Black, Red, Yellow boys (but Yellow keeps taking his clothes off) and Pink, Denim Blue, Mint Green and Lilac (Purps) girls. Colors come day two when the pups are "tagged".
Female pup pink snuggles with mom, with green girl waiting for her turn.
Newborn Portraits
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Photos of each pup in the litter.  Day 5: all pups are over one lb.
Mr. Black has a dilute red-tawny coat, he has some white on him and may look like great aunt and uncle Claire and Franky as an adult. Big boy, big eater and very social.
Red male is dark coated. His red collar is inside out so that the soft side is against his neck. One handsome dude!
This is Mr. Stripey - he should be wearing a yellow collar but likes to run naked. Already is quite the character.
Denim blue female also has a dark dilute coat color and she should keep some darker masking.
This is minty green and she is pretty AND feisty!
Lilac collared girl, fondly referred to as Purps (Perps).  Every litter should have one!
Pretty in Pink.  Always!
Our Chinooks are our constant companions - creative and comical, easy keepers, and easy to love.

jazzy girl pups first week photo
Jazzy male pups first week photo
  Jazzy's boys:  First week photo
Stripes (Yellow), Black (now brown) and Red
  Jazzy's girls: First week photo
Denim Blue, Mint Green, Lilac and Pink
Big Bobby.  Dilute red-tawny, big boy in the litter!
Bobby with his friends. Bobby is a sweet and huggable big boy!
Red Boy is one handsome dude!
Red Boy looks like dad Otie at this age:  Otie Junior!
Stripes - yellow collar male, light blaze down muzzle.
Mr. Stripey
Denim-Blue Girl is a dark red masked dilute with a pretty, feminine expression.
Lilac Girl is the largest girl and as big as the males.
Mint Green Girl should keep her black masking.
Pink Girl has the reddest coat of all and distinctive white rear toes.
 Day 27 - Outdoor photos
Lots going on!  Pups have started on goat milk, baby food,  meat broth, yogurt, yum!
Field trips from whelping room to the kitchen and on to the great outdoors.  Tails are up and wagging, Chinook features coming out!
 Life is Good!
 Puppy Update  - Beginning of Week 4 (28-30 days)
Each day the pups are learning new things.  Their diet is evolving, their sense of smell improving, their ability to follow is getting better.  Coordination and play are developing and new people visit and play with the pups each day.  Their meals are a combination of goat milk, oatmeal, bone broth, baby food veggies, yogurt/cottage cheese, ground raw chicken, hard boiled egg.  The pups have played with rib bones and have graduated to a water bowl (not as tasty as milk!).

Hand feeding is an important puppy skill and a first step for building food motivation for  training. The pups have started being hand fed with tiny bits of kibble.   In two days the litter has learned to play the "find it" game and the pups can smell out and track down the kibble pieces.   We use the find-it game with the older dogs as a way to keep them busy and as training for nose work. The litter responds well to the whistle and come as a group when they hear this sound.  They are outside a few times a day and run, play, fall down and wrestle. And snooze.  The slight incline in the yard is sometimes a challenge to negotiate resulting is some comical rolling action!
The boys come for a puppy visit
Big Bobby
Puppy Whisperer
You are getting sleepy .....
Minty Green aka Sage
Miss Denim aka Billie Jean
Miss Pink aka Coral
Chinook eyes
Could Pink get any more relaxed?
A very relaxed Stripes puppy!
 Puppy Update  - Beginning of Week 5 (35 - 38 days)
Pups are spending much of their day outside now.  Our adult females have stepped up and help care for the pups.  Grandma Belle gives Jazzy a break and tends to the litter while Great Aunt Claire keeps puppy watch during the day, lying under shady schrubs close to the puppy pen.  The males will lie close to the puppy fence but if the pups approach them, Jazzy and Belle make a point to get between the males and the pups just so they all know who the bosses are.  
 Bone Appetite!
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Pups tackle raw chicken fingers and meaty beef neck bones

Little Otie (Red) works a bone
Penny (aka Denim) works on a chicken foot and does a good job!
Pups can share a bone (Stripes in orange collar)
Neck bone, yum!
Bone tired!
Eating bones wears us out!  Red collar boy now wears a white collar to shake things up!
Bone tired Bobby the Boy
Green Girl, Penny and Redford
Claire holds court
Claire gives up her bone to Penny.  Both the pup and Claire are color dilutions of tawny. Penny has a black mask, diluted to dark grey. No mask for Claire.
Mr Stripey
Stripes gives kisses to Claire
Males Bobby and Redford (red collar male) hang 10 on their buggie board
12 year old Claire plays with the pups
   6 - 9  week photos
The Boys
7 week weights: Redford: 10.10oz, Bobby: 10.5oz, Stripes: 10.4oz.
8 week weights:  Redford: 13.4, Bobby: 13.4, and Stripes: 13.2
Bobby - Mason

Redford - Koda

Stripes - Coho

Violet - Nala

The Girls
​7 week weights:  Rose: 10#.2oz, Violet: 9#12oz, Penny: 9#10oz, Peanut: 9#3oz
8 week weights:  Rosie:  13.0, Violet: 12.2, Penny:  12.4 and Peanut: 11.6
Rosey - Tehya


Minty - Peanut II - Juneau

Newborn Bobby
Bobby stops to smell the flowers, six weeks old
Bobby at six weeks
7 weeks
7 weeks old
Bobby at seven weeks
Charming Mr Redford
Redford is popular here at Intervale!
Six weeks
8 weeks
Redford and Anya
Stripes is down for the count!
Mr Handsome
Claire anoints Stripes
Stripe at six weeks
Stripes at 7 weeks
Newborn Violet
Purple is Violet's color!
Who put Violet in a box?
Violet at six weeks
7 weeks
Violet rests after a play session in the agility tunnel
Violet plays King of the Mountain and wins!
Newborn Rosie
Rosey's a big kid!
Rosie Pink at six weeks
Dirty Face Rosie - Rosie plays hard!
Rosey loves the agility tunnel!
six week old Penny
Six weeks
Penny at six weeks
Where did this hole come from?
7 weeks
Newborn Minty
Minty, nicknamed Peanut, at six weeks.
six weeks old
8 weeks
8 weeks
Snap Shot Slide Show from 6 weeks

Otie surveys his Minions
Redford and Stripes inspect grandma Belle's tonsils
Claire loves the puppies!
Holding Court with the Pups yet again!
Puppy Flash Mob
Chillin' in the TV room after a hard day on the rockpile
Exploring the old Lazy C Ranch
Minty and Violet visiting on the porch of the Lazy C
Any port in a storm .....
A Pensive Penny
An afternoon with Caden and Addison 

Puppy Love!
Addison visits with Bobby and Penny and Minty gets in on a visit too.
Bobby and Addy share a secret
Caden pals up with Redford
Hug time with Redford
Rosie gives Caden some kisses
A fun playhouse for all
Addison with Penny
Follow the leader!
Back from our hike with the pups
A stop at the Lazy C Ranch
Tired Puppies!
7 weeks and growing!   

Claire with Rosie, Redford and Penny
Belle with Stripes
Run away!  Violet and Stripes make a break for it.
Rosie, Redford and Penny play in the yard on the Group W bench
The boys Bobby and Redford square off
How many clowns . . . .
Franky guards the pups
7 weeks
Penny 7 weeks
The pack:  Bobby and Peanut, then Redford and Stripes, Penny and Rosie (rear) and Violet (V).
Bobby's ears are up today!
Bobby snuggles with Peanut
The twins: Rosey and V
Pile of Puppies!
Penny uses Corey's shirt for a pillow
When I am good I am very very good .....
Bob and Rosie
Pups settle in for naps in their dorm room  

Bobby at eight weeks
8 week photos 

Penny and Stripes share a bone
All "packed up" for a snooze
Inside Play (Stripes has Claire's favorite toy when she was a pup:  "the green thing".
More Hijinks
Stripes takes a play break to pose for the camera
Six pups on a tug toy
Inside Snooze - all seven in one shot!
Stripes at 8 weeks
A day at the eye specialist for our OFAs
Behaving ourselves . . . .
Puppies mob their daddy
Franklin teaches Stripes the principles of hiking
Trapped for our puppy evals with Wizard of Paws
Well muscled AND well socialized!
Mr Stripes is a hit!
Nursing Photos

Newborn Jazzy Pups (The 7th pup is way under her rear leg)
Jazzy and Pups, day 18
Jazzy and Pups, day 46
Room for one more? Jazzy and pups, day 64
The pups other mother, Belle.  Jazz had the help of Belle and Claire to raise this litter!
8 weeks
8 weeks
Free for All with the Moms
Tug is a fun game!  Check out our hocks!
More Pack Play
Penny visits with Dad and Frank and plants one her Pop
Frank gets smacked too!
Now it is Peanut's turn to get kisses
Redford and Peanut under the bushes - a favorite spot for the pups.
Watch us Grow!  Pups settle into their new homes.

Mason getting ready for a hike
All done!
Nala and Nikko share a bed
What a nice pillow Nikko is!
Koda meets the Akita neighbors
Coho enjoys a chat with the Professor
Juneau gets comfy
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