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Intervale Fee
 Otie and Jazzy's Chinook girl born on 8/02/2021  

We may breed Fee's sister Penny in 2022 if we can find Mr. Right!  (Penny is from an early breeding of Jazzy and Otie so the two girls are sisters but not littermates.)  

Watch this page for photos
 and updates as Fee grows!

We'll share news of breedings being planned!

​Last updated on 02/18/2022
Intervale Jazzy
Intervale Otie

Mom and Dad:
  Dam:  AKC CH Intervale Little Jazz  RN CGC CA TKN, NO 1 AKC FAST Chinook
 2016 AKC National Specialty Best of Breed, Judge James Moses. 

Sire:  UKC CH Intervale Coyote (Otie) CGC BN RE OJP OAP TKN RATI

Newborn Photos 
Click on any photo to start a sideshow.  Jazzy is a super mom and her pup Fee 
loves to eat!   Photos of pup's first two weeks.
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Newborn Intervale baby girl Chinook pup
Puppy has stuffy littermates
"Look how big I am compared to Mom's leg!"
Day two:  Snuggling with Mom
"Aren't I gorgeous?" (Day 2)
Me and Mom, day 5
Jazzy, wondering what she's gotten herself into
"What?  This is my lttermate????"
"I need a nap." (Day 6)
"Seriously?  You mean I am bigger than all the stuffies?????"
"Can you find me?" (Day 7)
Penny says she wants her own baby dog.
Day nine and larger than life!
"Teddy the Dog is my hero!"
"Wow Teddy, what a great ending!"
"Me and Mom", day 12
"I can dig too!"
Day 11 and time for some more growing.
So Happy Together!  Day 12
"Reading is Fundamental!"
"Since I am now twice as big as all my stuffie littermates, the stuffed animals went into my family's general toy box.  My sister Penny picked them out and brought them all back to me!  (I think Penny wants her own puppies!)  My mom takes great care of me. It's not bad being a singleton pup as I have a family to teach me the ropes.  I'm a big kid, my weight at birth was 1 lb 2oz."
Week 2 and week 3 - Things are Happening!

"My eyes have opened, ears too! I've learned to lick, to walk and check this out: I can run!  My teeth are emerging and I've started on some "real" food: I give a big thumbs up to baby food!   I've found I can wag my tail and hold it in a sickle curve just like the big dogs!  I have a new favorite sleeping spot, guess where?  (By the doorway to my room of course.) We are working on passive socialization where I get to have lots of different smells including books that kids have read.  I topped 3 lbs at 2 weeks and 5 lbs at 3 weeks! " 

  Photos below were taken at 2 and 3 weeks.  Click on any photo to start a sideshow.
 5 Weeks Old - Can you believe it?  So much has happened this week!

"This week has been stellar!   I am loosing my puppy shape and got a waist.  My legs are growing me taller so that I can look out the window.   I can also see the top of the bed where the big dogs sleep. (I think I like it up on the bed just fine and conquering the couch is next on my to-do list.)  My color is changing and the red is back.  I am being home schooled and learning the clicker with sit, down and touch and I really like to play with sis in the tunnel.  At the beginning of the week I stayed close to home but now I am a rambler.  I'm all over the land!  Car rides?  No problem.  And my peeps think it's funny when I chase the lawn mower - they say that I am fearless. My ears are doing things, but not going up yet. I can problem solve: I know how to cry at the front door and it will open for me, I can figure out how to get on and walk up the ramp (it's tricky), and I know that if the front door won't open, there is a back door!   OH, did I say that I am 10 lbs.?  I can't wait to see what adventures are in store for me in my 6th week!

 Photos below were taken at 5 weeks. Click on any photo to start a slideshow.

"Meet my littermates, Left and Right, they are cool!"
"Camouflaged! Gramma Belle is watching over me."
"Yay, I'm crate trained!"
"I get my good looks from my mom" ( beginning of week 4)
"My mom.  Isn't she pretty?"
"This cap tastes great!"
​Day 34 Mug shots
 4 Weeks Old - What's going on?

"Lots!  I can keep up with the pack and run out the door with my family, I do steps up and down!  I like to bite and have the nickname:  AnkleBiter, (I have a lot of nicknames these days - don't ask about Miss P.)  I am very fast and have been exploring more and more in my yard though I do like the bushes best still.  When I am tired, I put myself to bed in my crate, but to lie under the bed is pretty cool.  My diet? I eat ANYTHING!"  Oh, did I say that this week, I've topped 7 pounds?  My peeps are teaching me to come to the whistle when they feed me, this is going pretty well and so all in all, it has been a super week!

 Photos below were taken at 4 weeks. Click on any photo to start a slideshow.  

"My couch!  I'm learning to be a Couch Potato."
"Hanging with Mom"
"Couch time with my mom and sis Penny."
"When I am good, I am very very good."
"Me and Penny share tracheas."
"Penny loves me!"
Fee says: 
 "Remember when I was a puppy?"
 6 Weeks Old - A Week of Discoveries!

"I'm not a baby dog anymore, I can run with the big dogs!  You should see me, I am FAST!  And smart too!  I am part of a pack and we ramble and run all over the woods together.  My muzzle is lengthening so I am no longer a South Park look-alike.  I have a lovely Chinook head.  I am up and down stairs, sit for treats, come to my name(s). (Did I say that I have several of them!)  I am really good at problem solving - like how to get thru the gate when it is closed. Why, you might ask?  I'm not sure but it is something that I just have to do.  So here's the thing, I have been sleeping under things, and going to my room for naps, but now I am just starting to sleep out in the public areas where the big dogs sleep. House-training is going well.  I am learning all about the car, I used to go under it but now I put my feet up on the door frame and get a boost in.  Oh, did I say that this week I topped 12 lbs? My mom is still feeding me but just a few times a day.  I am eating lots of different kinds of foods including something called a remote."
 Photos below were taken at 6 weeks. Click on any photo to start a slideshow.

"I found this in the yard. There is a lot you can do on a lawn chair."
"How do I look?"
"I'm stylin'!"
"Me and Penny share a bone."
"The Dress Up Gang strikes again."
"Hiking out to the Lazy C."
"The Lazy C has been in my family since Frisco, Kali, Moose and Dozer!"
"A great place to catch a snooze."
"On one of my rambles."
 7 Weeks Old - Some of my Favorite Things

"What can I say?  If I were already a Big Dog, I would have a string of AKC titles after my name!   I am an athlete.  I know "tunnel" and will take the agility tunnel just because it is there.  I am fast.  I will chase a white plastic bag on a lunge line and the "lure operator" must be fast too or I will catch the bag!  I am a dryland surfer (wait til you see my movie!).  I am a hiker.  Sometimes I lead the pack on walks and explore the underbrush on our hikes.  I am independent.  I'll ramble the woods on my own, lots to do and see!  I am smart.  I know sit and touch and have a fantastic recall.  I am fearless.  I chase the lawn mower and play with the vacuum.  Need I say more?  Oh yes, I am well over 16 lbs at the end of this week!

 Photos below were taken at 7 weeks. Click on any photo to start a slideshow.

"Break Time!"
"My mom and my sis Penny, two peas in a pod dontcha think?"
Rare Scotch, Rare Breed!
"Eight Weeks Old and Wow, what a Beauty!"
("If I do say so myself.")

"The weeks are flying by!  Below are photos of me during my 8th week here on Planet Earth.  I have graduated from baby dog and really, I am running with the Big Dogs now.   I told you I've had a lot of names and nicknames? Now it is time to get serious:  my name was Intervale Feona Byrd -- Fee, Fee B, or Byrdy to my friends but the peeps have something else in mind for me so stay tuned.  The good news is no more "Miss P" for me!  (The "P" stands for Puddles in case you didn't know.)  Farmers' Markets are my thing and I am learning to walk on a leash.  My favorite move is a SIT and I am very good at this.  I have a spot on whistle recall and fly with my recalls.   At the end of 8 weeks, I weighed 19 lbs, which is pretty big for a female Chinook pup.  You wouldn't believe the muscles I have!"  

 Click on any photo to start a slideshow.

"Snoozing helps grow some big dogs!"
"8 weeks old and I know how to SIT!"
." of these things is not like the other ......."
"I'm not just another pretty face you know."
"Me and my sis Penny!"
"Me and mom, or me and sis Penny, (can't tell them apart)!"
"My pack, my bed - it doesn't get any better!"
"What do you think, fins up?"
"Begging is exhausting work!"
"Me and mom waiting for a meatball to drop."
"I'm learning from the big dogs what to do while in the kitchen."
"Ma Belle!"
"Grandma Belle and me!"
"Love my grandma."

Photos of Fee at 9 - 10 weeks. Click once on any photo
 to start a slideshow and arrow left or right.
"I have helicopter ears!"
"I love my grandma!"
"How do you like my topline?"
"Ramblin' with mom"
"I'm almost as big as mom is!"
"Time-out to grow my brain!"
"Textbook topline, reach and drive!"
"I can single-track too!"
"I have an off-switch (haha)!"
"My swimming hole"
"Check out my front!"
"The world is my oyster.  Pretty cool!"
"Field of Dreams, and I got the run of the place!"
"Did you know that tunnel bags make a great tug toy?"
"Me and Sis, Penny is a lot of fun"
"Garbage in  . . . ."
". . . . garbage out!"
3 Months' Old:   I still have helicopters!"

"Chores with Ma"
"I'm as big as Mom, well - almost!"
"I'm a good witch.  Happy Howlaween!"
"Oops, snagged! (Literally!).  Someone drop me a line!"
"Don't bother me, I'm thinking." (My peeps love that movie line!)"
"Me at class.  Check out my eye contact. (The peeps rave about it!)"
"Me and mom on a tear."
"Three Chinooks on a couch!  (Do you remember what this is called?)"
"I do stairs just because they are there!."
"Me and my sister Penny."
"I have the best seat in the house!"
Fee at 4 months:  "I'm a big dog now!"

"Can you find me?  (We call this a "Nook Pile")!
"I love to play with water!"
"Snoozie time with sis."
I"m still a puppy but now I am growing up fast!"
"My helicopter ears are impressive, but stay tuned, change is coming!"
"I wear a harness when I hike."
Fee at Six Months

"My nickname is 'Table Top', that's my game - same as my Dad's."
"If there is a table or big rock, I'm on it!"
"Check out my next move!"
"Ta Da!"
"All those table tops are exhausting. 
 'm a tired pup!"
"I'm waiting for Santa to arrive. (Whoever that is!)
Meet Mom and Dad!
Fee likes to "perch"!
"Where's all the ice fishermen?"
 "Hurry up!"
Fee says:  "I'm outstanding in my field!"
Game On!
Fee says:  "Ozzy, you can run, but you cannot hide!"
Reading is "Fun-damental"!
Intervale Fee with mom Jazzy
All grown up - almost!  
 "Hey Mister, where's the rest of your body?"
Fee and mom at disc golf
Fee with Aunt Katherine behind her
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