Intervale Chinooks and Chinook Puppies
Interested in a Chinook puppy? 
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This page was last updated on: October 28, 2022
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Mom and Dad Intervale Brown Eyed Girl (Emma)  & Lighthouse Point Sur (Booker)   

Family and friends toasted the birth of Emma's Chinook puppy litter sired by a very handsome Booker of Rolling Oak Chinooks. 
 4 boys and 4 girls 
whelped March 7, 2010. 

Emma's eight Chinook puppies at birth
Chinook newborns
Chinook girl pup with mom Emma
Chinook female pup snuggles with mom Emma
Newborn Chinook puppy litter
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First day photos of mom with her Chinook babies
Riverstone Pups on one week birthday.
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 Feeding Raw

Learn more about the raw food diet for dogs and pups.  Often called the BARF diet (Bones and Raw Food), this website is a great introduction to the raw diet!
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Train your Chinook Pup with the power of positive training!
Karen Prior's Clicker Training Website has lots of purely positive training tips and tools to help you and your pup.  Have a training question?  Check here for answers! 
Two great
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  AKC Family Dog

Whole Dog Journal  
Riverstone Boys are "Bad to the Bone!"
 in order:  Green,  Black, Light Blue,  Royal Blue
Lavender collar Chinook girl pup
Orange collar Chinook girl pup
Yellow collar Chinook girl pup
Pink collar Chinook girl pup
Riverstone Girls:  Everyone is "Talkin'bout my girls"!
In order:  Lavender,  Orange,  Yellow,  Pink
Visit Emma's puppy blog
 for her puppy journal
Four male Chinook pups three days old
Four female Chinook pups three days old
Green collar male pup
Black colllar Chinook male pup
Light blue collar male pup
Royal collar male pup
14 day old Chinook male pups
Riverstone male pups at 21 days
Female Chinook puppies at 14 days
Riverstone Chinook Girls at 21 days
Lavender collar Chinook female pup
Orange collar Chinook female pup
Yellow collar Chinook female pup
Pink collar Chinook female pup
Female Kenzie - 21 days
Basil at 21 days
YouTube slide show of Riverstone Pups at 4 weeks
8 puppies fit!
Female with the pink collar
Male with the black collar
yellow collared female
Male with the light blue collar
Largest male with the green collar
Orange collar female
Chinook puppy photos - 4 1/2 - 5 1/2 weeks
Click on a photo to enlarge
Your Chinook puppy could look like one of these lil' guys!
Five week old Chinook puppies
How big they have grown - 5 weeks later and in a bucket. :)
YouTube slide show of Riverstone Pups at 5 1/2 - 6 weeks 
Littermates put up with alot
Orange and Lavender
Professor Greene
Lavender looks like Intervale Ursa and Honey at the same age
Professor Greene
Orange    girl
More week six Riverstone puppy photos
Pups are getting bigger and even cuter!  Seven week photos.
Chinook puppy romp
Light blue and royal males
Pink girl
Professor Greene
Light Blue and Black males
Lavender Girl
Professor Greene - look at those catcher's mitts!
Puppy hike with Asher
Black male
Light blue male
Chinook pups at play
Royal male
Invincible Yellow female
Tuckered out Orange female
Riverstone Chinook pups go to the river!
Thanks to Whelpwise Veterinary Perinatal Specialties  
for their whelping assistance!