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Our Chinooks are listed with the AKC Foundation Stock Service
We support canine health and health screens on our Chinooks.

  Look for Intervale Chinooks listed on the OFA and CHIC canine health websites.

We  have participated in University of Missouri, Iowa State, NIH, and Van Andel Institute genetic studies on the Chinook.

Member:  AKC Canine Health Foundation



Forever Greene's Zebulon
Forever Greene's Zebulon
Zeb with his breeder Patti
Zeb head
Zeb with his sister Qannik
Qannik on the left, Belle on te right.  Belle is 54 lbs.
Sister Qannik, Big Zeb, and cousin Belle
The Riverstone Boys 
Riverstone Jackson,Tonka, and Basil are three intact males from the Intervale Brown-eyed Girl (Emma) and Lighthouse Point Sur (Booker) litter of 2010.  Basil lives in Ohio at Rolling Oak Chinooks and is genotyped for coat color and length, Jackson lives in New York, and Tonka in New Jersey.  OFA health ratings can be found on the OFA website.
Gus:  Intervale Tuckerman (Gus)  is out of our Mountain Laurel Kali by Benjamin's Tekoa from their litter of 1998 and our first litter at Intervale.  Gus is brother to Ursa and Crystal and is the only male from this litter - he is a special guy!  Gus is a male version of his dam Kali and we hope to breed Gus back into the Intervale line in 2017.  Gus is stored at Synbiotics and he is  OFA Good, CERF Normal, IBD and seizure free, Longevity: 13 yr 9 mo.
Another Otie free stack
Otie has muscles!  Six years old here.
Otie takes the broad jump
Tired Otie.  Otie (r) naps with his mom Crystal.

You can find Intervale Chinook pedigrees on www.chinookhealth.org by searching "Intervale" plus the dog's name. 
 Several of our Chinooks are also listed on Optimal Selection / Genoscoper and also on the OFA website.

   If you think one of our boys or their siblings may be a match for your Chinook, or if one of your boys 
is a match for our girls, 
please call or email :  intervalechinooks@gmail.com

(Mountain Laurel Mackenzie
 x Ford's Mackenzie)
Intervale Chinooks:  We have been selectively breeding purebred Chinooks under the Intervale prefix since 1998, producing a litter every few years.   Our early  Chinook breedings have provided unique purebred pedigree diversity going back in just three to five generations to the historic 1981 Sukee Kennel-Perry Greene Kennel modern breed founders.

Unlike other Chinook pedigrees, our original breedings have excluded those better known popular sires.  We have had pedigrees that go four and five generations back without repeating ancestors and we have produced great breed type, temperament, working ability, health and longevity.  The life span of pups from our Kali x Toes litter: Prizy-13, Frankie,Crystal, Honey, Gus-14, Piper and Kat-15, and Ursa was 17 years and two months when she left us.

People say our Chinooks bear our Intervale Kennel's stamp in type, expression and drive. "Big and Red"!  Our Chinooks tend toward plush red-tawny coats (thank you Benjamin's Tekoa!), exuberance (thank you Mountain Laurel Kali!), and of course, they love to pull.  We've been told "All your Chinooks look alike" and this is what we like to hear!  
Click here for Zeb's webpage
Riverstone's Tonka
Photos of Intervale Rock the Boat's  handsome son Riggs
Kody:  Kody (Intervale Ursa Major) is a male out of the 2003 litter of Intervale Imp Face (Ursa) by Howlin' Hills Diamond n'th Ruff (Dozer).  Semen is frozen. Kody looks a lot like his maternal great-grand sire Ford's Mackenzie.  Kody is friendly, intelligent, high drive and athletic with a diverse pedigree. He should be a good breeder's choice for homes looking for a performance Chinook.  Kody is about 70 lbs and 25 inches tall and he has been genotyped for coat color and coat length.  He is OFA Good and CERF Normal.  We had passing hip scores for Kody and all littermates:  6 OFA Goods and 2 Fairs. Kody's brother Tug sired two OFA excellents. 
Zeb:  Forever Greene Zebulon is a male out of Lighthouse Mystic Seaport (Doonerak) by Intervale Rock the Boat (Tug) and whelped at Forever Greene Chinooks in Vermont.  Zeb is a really big Chinook boy - he is around 95 lbs and 26 inches tall.  Zeb is OFA Good, CERF and elbows normal, and Zeb is CHIC certified.  Hip results reported in his litter are very good:  2 OFA Excellent, 5 OFA Good, 1 OFA Fair and one OFA Mild.  Zeb has been genotyped for coat color and coat length at VetGen and profiled with Genoscoper.  He lives in Connecticut and in New Hampshire.  A breedable brother, Forever Greene Yuch'ann Gold (Riggs) lives in PA.  If you are looking to add some size, pulling power and genetic diversity to your line, Zeb is a great choice.
Otie:  UKC CH Intervale Coyote RE, BN, OAP, OJP, CGC:  Otie is old style Chinook, the only offspring and a male from the 2005 breeding between Intervale Crystal Cascade and Saghalie's Kaniksis Rainfall (Rainy) making this Rainy's only breeding to a purebred Chinook.  Otie's OFA Fair and his parents are OFA Good.  Otie has a broad skull, short muzzle, well developed cheek muscles, a stocky,  muscular body  and weighs 75 lbs at 25 inches tall.  He is tawny-red with an undercoat that is very thick and plush. Otie is confident, smart and works in obedience and agility.  He earned his Rally Novice, Advanced, and Excellent titles in 9 trials, has titled in agility and obedience and is a Canine Good Citizen.   Otie has been genotyped for coat color and coat length and is profiled at Genoscoper.  Otie bears a strong resemblance to his Winterset and Victor's ancestors, to his great granddam Mountain Laurel Kascha and further back to Perry Greene's dog Riki, photos at the left.  Otie is available Frozen!
Perry Greene Riki
Historical Photo
Otie's grandmom
Mountain Laurel Kasha
(Singing Woods Muskeg
 X Victor's Aketa)
Forever Greene's Zebulon
 Intervale Chinooks                                                                                Stud Dogs 
Intervale Chinook Dogs:  
Meet a few of our handsome Chinook boys!
Updated on: 12/16/2017
At Stud - Riverstone Sire Lighthouse's Point Sur
Intervale Zealand and Fenway:   Brothers Intervale Hiking the Whites CGC (Zealand) and Intervale Home Run RN CGC (Fenway) are two young males out of CH Intervale's Riverstone Beltaine BN RE CAA ACT1 ACT2 CGC and Westminster Breed winner CH Lakeside Run's Little Bear CA.  Both boys live in New England, have size, coat, muscle and bone with nice temperaments and OFA health certifications and both are athletic, with accomplished working titles.  Both boys are profiled at Genoscoper.
Zealand's website
Intervale "Ursa"
(Zeb & Riggs' Grandmom
Kody's mom)
Fenway's website
Fenway's YouTube Channel
Riverstone Sire:
Riverstone Dam:
(Emma's brother)

Intervale Chinooks Stud Dogs
March 2016:    Zealand and Darcy complete the
 NH White MTs 4000 footers!
Basil: 7 year old Chinook male 
Webpage link 
.Zeb: 9 year old Chinook male
Website link
Fenway: 4 year old Chinook male
Website link
Zealand: 4 year old Chinook male
Website link
Intervale "Ursa"
(Zeb & Riggs' Grandmom
Kody's mom)