Intervale Chinooks Frisco's very first birthday party

1794 - Cornelius Vanderbilt ( B&O Railroad millionaire)
1819 - Julia Ward Howe (Battle Hymn of the Republic)
1937 - Wild Bill Hickok, (aka James Butler: cowboy/scout)
1911 -  Vincent Price (Scary actor)
1912 - John Cheever (Smart author)
1922 - Christopher Lee (Creepy actor)
1963 - Quentin Tarantino (Weird dude producer/director)
1974 - Fergie Ferg (entertainment at last year's party)
1986 - Lady Gaga (Yay for the Little Monsters!)
1998 - Katherine, Crystal, Frankie, Honey, Ursa, Kaian, Surprise, and Gus Tuckerman. (Chinook Doggie Dogs!)

March 27th Birthdays
Cubby Dog,
Tara's boy
Dana Darling
Moma Dog Kali
as a baby dog
B'day Girls'  favorite nephew,
 Surfside Frisco with Terv Uncle Jack
Celebrating 15 herself!
Dana's Mom Tara

196 BC - Ptolemy V ascends the throne to Egypt.
1309 - Pope Clement V excommunicates Venice and all its population.
1513 - Spaniard Juan Ponce de Leon discovers Florida. (The Fountain of Youth!)
1160 -  M.L. Byrn invents the corkscrew.  (Yay!)
1939 - 1st NCAA Men's basketball championship: U Oregon beats OH State 46-33.
1998 - Benjamin's Tekoa and Mountain Laurel Kali deliver 8 Chinook puppies, 7 girls, one boy!

March 27 - This Day in History
Party Games!  
Check out this chart for the current conversions of dog years to people years:
Ursa's main man,
 Daddy Dozer
Uncle Moose
Frisco loved a good party and so did Uncle Jack!
           "Greetings and Happy Birthday!
 I  can't believe you gorgeous Intervale girls are 15!  Holy cow!  I remember when you were such cute lil things back in ..... oh well, ah, never mind.   Let me introduce our birthday divas Frankie, Kat and Ursa!  Kaian had to work her job at CDNJ but is present "virtually".
Black eyed Peas

Welcome all you Chinook Party Dogs! 
Join us in a celebration of Birthday Parties Past 
for Intervale Girls Kat, Ursa, Kaian and Frankie! 
15th birthday - March 27, 2013

          Kali and Toes would be very proud of their Chinook kids (and we are too)!

2013's entertainment provided by The Beatles!
Celebrating Fabulous Dogs of Parties Past
King Kenne
Our Red Carpet party-goers have arrived!
The rest of the crowd is here!
Baby Otie
Baby Belle
Moma Emma
Glory Days:  what fun we had!
 In Wheel:   Crystal and Kat,
In Lead: Honey and Ursa
We LOVE cake!
 The President passes the news to Joe Biden that the girls just turned 15.
Joe exclaimed:  "This is a BIG @#*!! deal! "
Bo Obama
Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas
The Party is Here!
Kali, Frisco, Ursa, Honey, Crystal and Kat
Monkey and Turk
It's time for some cake, birthday presents, and a bit of the bubbly!
Gus Tuckerman, the lone boy in the litter
Red dog Honey with her red dad Toes
Honey has a cowlick down her muzzle
Ursa and Surprise
Katherine, the largest pup in the litter, 64 lbs at maturity
The crew
Our two dilute reds, Crystal (no dark muzzle) and Kaian (dilute dark muzzle)
Kaian and Surprise
Surprise and Katherine
Kaian and Crystal
Chinook puppies have BIG mouths!
Adults Frisco and Kali play with the pups
Frisco and his girls
Frisco raised this litter, they LOVED him!
Mom Kali with Crystal, Ursa and Honey
Join us on a trip down memory lane and visit 1998
(Thumbnails open in a slide show.  Click on first photo to start.)
Babydog Ursa is dreaming about great-great-great grandpups in her future!
Once again our special master of ceremonies is President Bill Clinton:  
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