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Chinook Breeder

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 1st AKC Breeder of Merit

Lebanon, Connecticut
Last updated: 2/27/2017
2017 Pups:  Intervale's Riverstone Beltaine "Belle"
 and Carrigain Mountain Hyas Talapus 
 Puppy Photos and News
Chinooks Belle and Hyas' 
Litter whelped on January 10, 2017.  Mom is CH Intervale's Riverstone Beltaine CD RE CAA BN ACT1 ACT2 CGC CHIC "Belle" ,
 Dad is Carrigain Mountain Hyas Talapus, a handsome, big, tall, friendly tawny Chinook male.  Watch for puppy news on this page!
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Photos of Mom and Dad
(Click on photo and view thumbnails as a slide show.)
Hyas and Belle with Steve.
Note the size difference and Belle is a nice sized Chinook female!  Belle is 62 lbs and Hyas is 85 lbs.
The Happy Couple!
Hyas shows off his nice bone, ear carriage and prosternum.
Needy Chinooks!  They want to be with their people!
Belle shows off her nice free stack.
Puppy Pix:  Week One -  Days 0 - 7  
These are some big Chinook Puppies! Birth weights were between 13 oz. - 1 lb. 6 oz. 
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Puppy Pix:  Week Two - Days 7-14
Weight ranges at 7 Days:  1 lb. 14 oz. - 2 lbs.
The Three Amigos
Belly Up!
Belle and her Boy
Mom leg length v/s puppy body length - this is a big puppy dog!
White Toes.  Remind you of anyone?
My mom. Love her!
Yay, Nook Pile!
Who's who?
Green Girl (who won't keep her clothes on)
Red Girl:  Check out my tonsils
I am so relaxed!
Me too, milk will do that to you.
Proud Mom with her kids
Our resident ground hog
Diva Dog (girl of course)
Riki, Tiki, Tavi?
Boy, Girl, Girl
Super Girl
Three Angels
Puppy Pix:  Week Three - Days 14-21
Photos and Weights on Day 14: 3 lbs. to 3lbs 6 oz.
Puppy Yin and Yang
Eyes Opening!
Ted on Ted
Fuzzy new littermate
Sister, Brother, Sister
Escape (And he did!)
Agility Dog
Girl, Boy, Girl
Girl, Boy,Girl
Pups are 42 days old
 on 2/21/17!
Link to new photos

Puppy Pix:  More Week Three Photos
Days 17 and 20: there has been a big difference from beginning to end of week 3!

Ted's twin sister Stephanie
Stephanie (rear), Ted in the foreground of course. Natasha doing her own thing.
Ted and Stephanie
Natasha is too smart to get in a basket.
Ted has no interest in getting out of the basket.
"Seriously?  You think this is funny? "
Stephania (Ted left, Tasha right)
Three not so little piggies
More Stephie
Hyas and Belle's sister Rhys meet up at the CVSHC dryland race

Hyas struts his stuff
Rhys has her game face on
Handsome boy
Pretty girl
Puppy Pix:  Week Four - Days 21 to 28
Pups are cutting teeth and have starting on some foods,  playing with toys and sleeping lots.  Weights are over 5 lbs.  (They broke the scales and we need to buy a new one!)
Ted's head is the same color as mom's tail
Teddy loves to sleep in unusual places
Stephanie has just a bit of white on her toes that is fading fast
Nadia (Natasha), Stephanie and Ted
The Three Musketeers
Nadia with Stephanie
Sleeping helps grows brain power!
First time with real food
Puppy Pix:  Week Five - Days 28 to 35
Puppy weights on day 28:  Teddy-7.4 lbs, Stephanie-6.6 lbs, Nadia-6.2 lbs.  Along with a side of mother's milk, pups are liking their home prepared meals of goat milk, yogurt, ground turkey,  minced turkey neck meat, beef bone and turkey bone broths. And now more delicious foods!  A couple kernels of kibble.  Their world keeps expanding as they look for new places and rooms to explore. Ears are starting to go up!  Pups trying out collars and are not happy!
Ted and the Girls
Teddy Two Toes
Steph and Nadia
More Puppy Pix:  Week Five - Day 32
We had a blizzard this week with over a foot of snow.
 Pups got to try out their feet on snow for their first time.  Loved it!

Nadia and Teddy on snow for their first time
Chinook Princess
Big Girl!
Week Six - Day 35
Pups are entering their fifth week and change from hour to hour.  They are inside, outside, running around in all the rooms, it is zany here!  Weights are well over 7 lbs.

Three Amigos:  Boy, Bigger Girl, Biggest Girl, same size as Teddy!
Teddy visits with Sally
Baby girl visits with Lucas
Pups are fascinated with Lucas, more visits to come!
Pups cozy up to Sally
Biggest Girl:  All about good smells!
The girls with Teddy (Felix)​
Felix:  Our Lucky One!​
Week Six - Day 41
Our weather has been great and the pups are going outside exploring everything.  They all had runs thru the agility tunnel today:  their world is ever expanding.

Introducing Felix "Teddy" The Rock Johnson!
Abby and Skye
Mom, Felix and Abby
Pay Backs!
Photos of the girls
Week Seven - Day 42
The pups keep changing their names.  Felix aka Teddy is our lucky one and weighs in today at 10.6 lbs.  Skye (Stephanie) is 10.2 lbs and her sister Abby (Nadia/Natasha) is 9.6 lbs.  Collectively, (and to borrow from Gaga) we lovingly refer to them as "The Little Monsters".  Today the monsters left their cozy bed in the whelping room and opted for mid-afternoon naps on the kitchen floor-while I was cleaning it.  Pups have tried blueberries and strawberries, finding the strawberries are best used for playing catch and release.    Their motor patterns are coming out in force and the pups are practicing their chase drive and prey drive.  Did I mention digging?

They have the run of the downstairs rooms and played  for a long time under the bed today.  Potty training is going great and they usually will go to the door but have short attention spans.  Right now they are sunning themselves well, in the sun room.

Abby and the gang ready for a snooze. 
 (A photo tribute to Lighthouse Chinooks.)
More photos coming soon!
TV time with Jazzy and Lucky Felix​
Week Seven - Day 47 

The girls
Art imitating life