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Belle and Birr
Last updated: 10/28/2022
Puppy Pix:  Week One:   View as a Slide Show
Pups first day
The boys
The girls
Belle's litter
Green male:  The Green Monster
Blue male
Red male, "Little Bart'
Belle with Bartlett, red male
Purple female
Maroon female
Yellow female
Orange female
Peanut, Pink female
Pink female
Orange female
Two girls
Mug shot
Puppy Pix:  Week Two:   Slide Show
Belle with her pups
Belle's litter at five weeks old!  August 2013 photos of the Chinook pups.
Blue boy
Puppies striking off!
Rub a dub, Chinooks in a tub
Peanut going above the limit
Exhausted puppies!
  August Photos:   Belle's litter at six weeks old.
Like mother, like daugher.
Showing off Chinook tongues are momma Belle and her girl Gracie.  With Peanut (F) and Riley (M).
Great-Aunt Claire with Georgie (M).
Fenway gets mugged by Ursa!
Ursa and Fenway
Claire with Gracie
Goldy (F)
Riley (M)
Riley and Rosie
Echo, Zirks and Larry!
(aka Goldy, Perps, and Riley)
Jazzy makes a big splash!
Belle's litter just before they "shipped out"
New England 
Chinook Breeder

The Chinook Breed's
 1st AKC Breeder of Merit

Lebanon, Connecticut
Fenway and Jazz together: 4 months old
  Six month littermates' mug shots: 
 Larry, Zealand, Fenway, Luna, Zirks, Echo,  Dad, Mom, and Jazzy!
November 2013 photos: Intervale Home Run: "Fenway" 
"Play Ball!" Jazz plays shortstop to Fenway's home run hitting.
Sail on Sailor:  Nautical Chinook Puppies!
 Belle's June 27, 2013 Litter

Mom is AKC CH Intervale's Riverstone Beltaine CD RE CAA BN  ACT2 CGCA TKN CHIC "Belle" ,
 Dad is AKC CH Lakeside Run's Little Bear CA CGC TKN "Birr" 
Pups are all grown up and are in breeding programs as are some of their own pups.

Visit Zealand's awesome White MT photo journal!!!
The Happy Couple!
Belle's pups have energy to burn!
Look for Intervale pups on the New Hampshire, Vermont, and Colorado trails.  
Photos:  Intervale Echo and Zealand summit in New Hampshire's 
White Mountains while Fenny pulls a skijourer on a Green MT trail.
  Click on photo to start slide show.
Intervale Echo summits White Mountain 4000 Footer  Mt Mooselauke with energy to spare!
Intervale Hiking the Whites (Zealand) earns his packing title.
Handsome Intervale Zealand on a White Mountain hike.
Intervale Home Run aka Fenway moves out with a tight line, pulling a skijorer!
 Awards Earned!
Canine Good Citizen Title (CGC):  
Intervale Jazzy, Fenway, Echo, and Zealand

Coursing Ability (CA):  Jazzy
Rally Novice (RN):  Fenway and Jazzy
Trick Dog (TKN) Jazzy

 Congratulations to Intervale Echo, Fenway, and Zealand on their COA packing, skijour 
and hiking titles.
Zirks, Jazzy and Fenway have a different take
 on being busy!  (Yeah, we get out, but hey, we're puppies!)
Zirks and the Paper Caper.  Pups will be pups!
Jazz poses with her favorite Columbia hiking shoe.
Fenway works out in his local high school's weight room.
"I see nothing! (Col Klink) Fenny leaves the bull behind him.
Luna wants to run with the big "dogs".
Handsome Larry poses for the camera, what expression!
Luna is just too cuddly and so huggable!
Intervale Kali's Echo earns hear Novice Pack Title
Seeing red - and that's no bull! 
 Wait:  that IS a bull!
Yikes!  Fenway and Jodie have the wrong color on for this bull's encounter!   Fen is practicing his awesome attention skills while Luna is intrigued with the excitement of the fox hunt!
Chinooks have an off switch!
 Handsome Intervale Larry  and sweet Intervale Luna 
unwind after a day of fun.
Intervale owners confirm that this litter is exeptionial!  Pups are  affectionate and caring, and so smart!  Easy to train with a knowing twinkle in their eye.  And what a great recall!   

Puppy Love!
Intervale Kali's Echo: What a beautiful girl!
Echo in a lovely natural stack
Intervale Hiking the Whites: Zealand. Handsome boy!
Zealand looks great in purple!
Intervale Home Run, Fenway
Fenway's ready to go skijoring!
Jazz and Fen skijoring, kinda.
Family photo:  Fenway, mom Belle and Jazzy
AKC CH Intervale Little Jazz  CA TKN CGC
Link to Jazzy's Pups

Links to YouTube Videos
"Put me in Coach"  Fenway hits a homerun!
Training Video:  Fenway shows how "Go to your Mat" really works!

Pups' Websites:  Zealand  and  Fenway
   What an awesome litter! Slide Show Photos of some of the littermates, December 2014. (Click on photo to start slide show.)
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Intervale's Belle x Birr litter has great work ethic. Look for more titles to come!
Echo with her half-brother (Birr) Pemi
Belle and Birr
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Belle and Birr's litter whelped on June 27, 2013: Mom is Intervale's Riverstone Beltaine, RN CA BN CGC CHIC "Belle" , Dad is CH Lakeside Run's Little Bear CA "Birr" 
Belle loves to swim, run on trails, to bikjor in the summer, and to skijor in the winter and she has competed in one dog sled dog classes. She is athletic, energetic, outgoing and friendly. Belle LOVES kids and has participated in AKC Meet the Breeds events. Belle has earned her AKC Rally Advanced, Beginner Novice, (Lure) Coursing Ability Advanced and Canine Good Citizen titles and is working on Agility, Obedience, Rally and Barn Hunt titles. She stands about 23 inches at the shoulder (agility height) and weighs 58 lbs (when not pregnant!) View Belle's coursing videos.

Birr loves to bikjor and pull a sled. He has participated in kids' sledding programs for the Audubon Society and the Daisy Scouts. Birr has a sweet temperament: he is confident and gentle - until you hook him up to a sled! With a sled behind him, Birr turns into a lean, mean pulling machine! See Birr in action on YouTube, but a warning: don't try this at home! Birr is a well rounded Chinook with a title at both ends. He has his AKC Championship conformation title and his UKC Grand Championship title and Birr earned his AKC (Lure) Coursing Ability title. Birr weighs about 68 lbs and stands at about 25 inches at the shoulder.