Activities Fit for a Chinook!
Intervale Chinooks
Four Season Canine  Athletes
         Some fun Breed Ring Wins
Ursa takes Best UKC Chinook in 2003.  Jazzy won Best in Specialty
 under Judge James Moses in 2016.
Herding with Ursa
Learning the boundaries of C course
Ursa working her boundaries
Intervale Katherine
Hiking and Biking, Paddling and Swimming, Agility, Mushing, Shows, Barn Hunt,
  Herding, Obedience and Rally, Lure Coursing, Skijouring, Retrieving, Scentwork, Playing.....
Chinooks do it all!
Hiking:  Hikes test Chinooks' work ethic and challenge their abilities, and the dogs see a hike as all-out fun. Intervale Chinooks have over 50 different White Mountain peaks "under their collars", including 12 of the New Hampshire Mountains' 4000 footers. Ferncroft Chinooks with Zealand from our breeding is the first Chinook team to complete hiking all of New Hampshire's 4000 footers!
Mt. Monroe
Middle Sister
North Moat
North Moat
North Moat
North Moat
Two-dog bikejor with Mom and daughter, Ursa and Claire
4 dog Intervale Chinook sledding team at Cherry Pond
4 dog Intervale Chinook race team crossing  the finish line
White Mountains mushing with Intervale Chinooks
Ursa, Honey, Kat and Crystal at Cherry Pond
Six Dog Intervale Chinook Team: Ursa, Honey, Crystal, Kat, Frisco & Kali
First race for Intervale: Kali and Frisco - 1997
4 Dog Chinook Team - a very cold race day at Freetown!
Kat and Ursa on a fun trail
Four dog team in New Hampshire's  moose country
Mushing:  A musher is anyone who uses dog power in some manner to move forward, be it with sled, skis (also called skijoring), bike, scooter, or roller blades. Mushers come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, and all skill levels too, participating for fun or for competition.  Chinooks have a rich history of mushing behind them and many Chinook owners and breeders want to see mushing instinct and drive preserved in the Chinook - and what a great way to get out and have fun with our dogs!
Can Chinooks compete in sprint races?  You bet we can! 
Intervale started racing with our Chinooks in 1997.  We have raced in the "Minor Leagues", for fun, experience, training, socializing and the occasional trophy.  Our race circuit has included Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachussetts, New Hampshire and Maine.  If you are interested in sled dog racing, look for clubs near you, either listed on Sled Dog Central, or check with your regional Malamute or Siberian clubs.
More Chinook Fun!
Crystal says: Paddling with your Chinook can bring you to  your very own deserted island!
Do Chinooks Swim?  Click here to find out!
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Intervale's Belle is ready to run a lure course!
Coursing is a fun activity for a Chinook-they love chasing that lure! 
 Look for AKC Coursing Ability Tests in your area.
Belle's Chinook lure course video:
Chinooks take a Barn Hunt Test