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Chinook health and genetics are important to us!

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Welcome to Intervale Chinooks

Our kennel name is Intervale.  Birch Intervale was once the New Hampshire sled dog training grounds for Arthur Walden's Chinook, the foundation dog of the Chinook breed.  True to the spirit of the Chinook breed, we participate in  sled dog activities with our Chinooks.  We put an emphasis on the Chinook's work ethic by competing, participating and having fun in various canine venues including:  Sledding and ScooteringAgilityLure CoursingObedience and Rally, and Barn Hunt.  Chinooks love to be busy and ours are no exception!

Our first and much loved Chinook dog Perry Greene Frisco CGC came home with us in 1995.  Beautiful Chinook girl Mountain Laurel Kali CGC joined Frisco a year later and the two Chinooks became best friends.  In 1998, Kali had a litter of 8 Chinooks with Benjamin's Tekoa and we kept four girls from this litter.  (See girls' photo above.) Kali's girls had pups:  Ursa with Howlin Hills Dozer and Crystal with Saghalie Kaniksu Reign.  Ursa and Dozer's daughter Emma had a litter of 8 with Lighthouse Booker and their daughter Belle had a litter of nine in June 2013 with Chinook CH Lakeside Run's Birr CA and a litter in 2017 with Carragain MT Hyas Talapus.  Some male offspring from these litters are available for breeding, either live or frozen.  Visit Intervale's stud dog page for more info.

We are honored to be the first Chinook Breeder officially recognized as a Breeder of Merit by the American Kennel Club.
"The AKC® is proud to recognize AKC Breeder of Merit participants who are dedicated to breeding beautiful purebred dogs whose appearance, temperament, and ability are true to their breed.  These accomplished breeders are the heart of the AKC.
Our Chinooks compete in agility, rally, obedience, sled dog racing, lure coursing, barn hunt and the AKC Breed ring.  Chinooks love to hike and swim!    Click on any photo below to start the slide show or visit our News Page for current Intervale activities updates.
Our Chinooks are our constant companions - creative and comical, easy keepers, and easy to love.
Chinook Dogs are canine family companions who like to keep busy: 

 Chinook activities include sledding, trialing in obedience, rally, agility, herding, lure coursing, barn hunt, showing in the conformation ring, biking, swimming, and hiking out on desolate mountain trails. 

  A Chinook's favorite pastime?  Cuddling on the couch with their family!

Intervale Chinooks - the first AKC Breeder of Merit for the Chinook Breed. 
 Breeder-Member Chinook Club of America,  AKC Parent Club
Chinooks love a job. Intervale Otie earns his NJP agility title 2011
Chinooks love to bike.  Ursa at 10 in a one dog bikjor race.
Chinooks love to pull! Four dog Intervale sled dog team:  Honey, Kat in wheel, Crystal and Ursa in lead.
Chinooks love to hike!  Intervale Ursa on a White Mountain hike.
Chinooks love water! Intervale "Air Bellle"
Intervale Chinooks
Intervale Coyote RE BN NJP NAP CGC
Intervale Coyote RE BN  OAP OJP CGC RATI
in memory of Kali
Last updated: July 14, 2017
Chinook sled dog team
Intervale Chinooks:  Happy Sled Dog Sisters Honey, Kat, Crystal and Ursa
New England Chinook Breeder 
Enjoying our 22th year with our lovable, comical, sweet, entertaining, busy Chinooks!
Intervale Chinooks:   Honey, Ursa, Claire, Crystal, Otie, Franklin and Kat
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Intervale Chinooks and Performance Titles
Firsts for the Chinook Breed

UKC CH Intervale Coyote RE BN OAP OJP CGC RATI: Otie was the first (non-ILP) Chinook to earn the Rally Excellent title and to title in Barn Hunt (RATI).

Intervale Claire de Lune CD RE BN NJP NAP CGCA: Claire was the first Chinook to earn a Beginner Novice title.

AKC CH Intervale's Riverstone Beltaine CD ACT2 CAA BN RE CGCA TDN: Belle is the first Chinook to earn a Coursing Ability Title and a Coursing Ability Advanced title, and most recently the ACT1 and ACT2 agility test titles and Trick Dog Novice title!

As of June 2017, AKC CH Intervale Little Jazz CGC CA NTD is ranked the No.1 AKC CAT Fast Chinook!
We support canine health screens on our Chinooks.  Look for Intervale Chinooks listed on the CHIC and OFA canine health websites. Frisco, Kali, Katherine, Crystal, Ursa, Claire, Franklin, Belle and Jazzy all have their CHIC's as do other family members. (Link to Chinooks listed on CHIC.) Over the last 22 years, our Chinooks have participated in multiple genetic research studies on the Chinook.  If you are looking for a Chinook, ask the breeder what health screens they participate in-this is important!
Supporter:  American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation
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Intervale:  Chinook Breed's 1st AKC Breeder of Merit
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